From Microscopic Skirts To Knitted Dresses, The Main Trends From Milan Fashion Week

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The 2023 fashion show of the world’s leading designers, known for its expressiveness and artistry, never ceases to amaze the fashion community. Among the most memorable new items are bold microscopic skirts and cozy knitted dresses that set the tone for the entire season. Trends from this event determine not only the appearance trends of the world catwalk, but also what will be in fashion in everyday life. With sophistication and grace, with each collection, designers convey their unique vision of modern dressing culture, helping to bring coveted looks to life. The recently concluded final Milan Fashion Week showcased creativity and innovation that seems to know no bounds.

Microscopic skirts: a bold trend of the season

The miniskirt has always been a symbol of freedom and revolution in fashion, and it seems that the current season brings a new twist to its history. Surprisingly at Milan Fashion Week, microscopic skirts took over the runways, showcasing the confidence and appeal of the lower limbs. Here’s how to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe:

  1. For a casual look, pair the skirt with oversized sweaters or T-shirts.
  2. Use tights in different textures or bright colors for a bolder, more edgy look.

Don’t forget about accessories: large rings and bracelets, as well as bags of non-standard shapes and sizes will help balance the minimalism of microscopic skirts and give your look a unique charm. However, the main thing is the ability to wear these skirts with confidence and a sense of style, which may require a certain amount of courage and fashion intuition.

Knitted dresses: comfort and elegance

Knitted dresses, presented in the autumn-winter 2023 collection, maintain their position among timeless fashion preferences, transforming from simple outdated wardrobe elements into exquisite works of art. A variety of woven patterns, voluminous silhouettes and a rich palette of colors and shades – this is what made knitted fashion one of the main trends of the last season.

Here are several ways to combine knitted dresses:

  1. Pair with tall boots or high-heeled ankle boots for an elegant fall/winter look.
  2. With leather jackets that highlight your personality and add a rebellious charm.
StyleShoe optionsOuterwear options
ClassicPatent leather shoesCocoon
UrbanLeather bootsBomber jacket
EveningHigh-heeled ankle bootsCape or light coat

The return of retro style: a classic in a new interpretation

The fashion revolution of the last decade reached its apogee at the latest fashion show in Milan, where designers brought us the return of retro style. With a mix of vintage elements and modern accents, each look enhanced the sense of nostalgia while still staying current. We saw a reinterpretation of 60s style, where exaggerated shapes combined with geometric patterns created a recognizable yet fresh look.

Bright accents of retro fashion

The past comes to life in memorable colors and textures that allow you to create a playful and vibrant look. We’re seeing shades like psychedelic pink, emerald and amber, as well as patterns inspired by the past becoming staples in collections.

  1. Colorful coats and suits in the style of the 70s, enhanced by modern fabric technologies.
  2. Wide trouser suits and dresses with puff sleeves and asymmetrical details that echo the spirit of the 80s.

Men’s style in women’s fashion

The trend of incorporating masculine elements into women’s fashion is gaining momentum. It’s not just about strong shoulder lines and tailored pantsuits, but also how these elements are transformed into feminine looks.

Jackets and trousers oversize

Oversize remains relevant, while additional volume in outerwear and trousers acts as an expression of freedom and originality.

  1. Classic oversized blazers highlight the shoulders and can be paired with narrower trousers or skirts to create contrasting shapes.
  2. Palazzo pants or cropped culottes can be paired with lightweight tops or bodysuits to balance out the proportions.

Eco-trends: fashion with respect for the planet

Sustainable production and eco-trends have become the main theme of many shows this season. Designers focus on environmentally friendly materials and transparency of the production process.

  1. Meet biodegradable fabrics and recycled materials that have become a hit among the fashion conscious.
  2. Simple lines and the most natural shades in the collections emphasize the desire for naturalness and harmony with the environment.


Milan Fashion Week once again set the bar high and showed that fashion is constantly evolving, looking for new directions and inspiring experimentation. These trends will undoubtedly influence the near future of fashion and create new excitement in the global style and elegance industry. With each new season, we see how history is dressed in new clothes, and the classics take on modern features.Frequently asked questions

  • What were the main trends presented at Milan Fashion Week?

    The main trends were microscopic skirts, knitted dresses, the return of retro style, the use of masculine elements in women’s fashion and sustainable eco-trends.

  • Why are knitted dresses considered a trend?

    Knitted dresses offer a unique combination of comfort and elegance, and they are also versatile and can be styled for a variety of occasions.

  • What’s new in the retro style trend this season?

    This season’s retro style includes modern interpretations of classic styles, with an emphasis on bright colors, geometric patterns and a mix of different decades.

  • How does men’s style influence women’s fashion?

    Men’s style adds a new dimension to women’s fashion, adding structure and versatility to silhouettes, while maintaining a feminine touch through the selection of colors and materials.

  • Why is sustainability important for modern fashion?

    Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic as consumers strive for sustainability and want to support fashion brands that respect the environment and care for the future of our planet.